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Kelton O'Connell

I'm a 13-year-young video maker, violinist, and tennis player.

About Me

I am a 13-year-old video maker, violinist, and tennis player in Bloomington, Indiana. (I actually happen to be in Taiwan right now though.)

I started making videos a few years ago, starting out by making dumb videos, then making different things such as short documentaries/news reports, experimenting with b-roll sequences, and now I'm making as many videos as I can about my day-to-day adventures. I'm looking to expand my creativity in terms of video.

The first musical instrument I played was piano when I was four, but now I focus mainly on violin. I've played violin since I was five years old at Indiana University Precollege String Academy. Music is something that I think all children should learn. Music helps to devolop the brain, it's a universal language, and it's a great creative skill to have. I also enjoy learning music theory. I occasionally compose as well.

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